I am currently living my dream in Vancouver, BC in the old neighborhood known as Mount Pleasant. Finding my way here after many years of traveling, this is the eigth incarnation of my website, started in 1999. Channeled originally as "Sky Earth Tradjections", it was meant to be a tribute to my digital artwork as i embarked on the medium. To backtrack, it has always been my dream to publish a book as testimony to my original artwork. My childhood and teenage years had been filled with fantasy books, drawings, roleplaying games, skateboarding, punk rock, as well as school jazz and garage bands. In 1991, when i set off across North America following the Grateful Dead, playing guitar, saxophone, and bass in bands, i aspired to write a book of my travels, similar to "On The Road", or "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test". No words came, but many drawings ensued after a chance meeting with an American Indian on an all-night bus through Utah. Sketchbooks began to be filled with meditations, musings, medicine wheel, tarot and astrological symbology in ink in books that i could fit in my backpack. i then started to make many collages with old drawings, magazines, phocopies, photos, gold leaf, pigment, with any materials that i could find. Finding myself in Vancouver eventually, i worked at Larrivee Guitars off Commercial Drive and playing in my own band finally all over BC.
Eventually, in the late 90's, without any digital skills, i realized that i would need to use a computer to be able to capture  light and motion. Shortly after y2k, i was playing in a world- beat/funk/reggae band and working in a (then) state-of-the-art video streaming web studio. Learned the skills necessary to convert my sound and light to digital and took off in the digital realm, i remember scanning pictures when 9-11 hit in a small cabin in the Northwest coast with no internet connection, with hopes that my book would be a reality some day.
In 2002, with the aid of a re-training grant, i launched into a desktop publishing and web design career and have used my skills as an artist to survive in a society that does not place value in art. This web site is a testimony to over 600 pieces of art, and realization of my original dream. Since, i have pursued my dreams further in travelling, visionary art, electronic music and dance culture, playing music locally and internationally as Mythril across North America, and performed in Montreal, Seattle, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, The Sunshine Coast and Islands of BC, Canada.
During that time, my visionary art was shown at summer festivals internationally and i turned my digital energy towards producing visuals that inspire beauty and consciousness and then studying 3-d animation at Vancouver Film School. I was fortunate enough to receive a position as a Teaching Assistant in modeling, texturing and lighting classes. There I continued to learn more about visual effects and the various software required and ultimately left when I was hired by EA to work on mobile FIFA games.
In 2012, The Embassy Visual Effects hired me for close to a year, where I worked on my first two films, Iron Man III and Elysium, as well as some TV and commercial work with the industry standard compositing program NUKE.
Most recently, I continued the Vancouver Film tradition, and learned a great deal about compositing while doing paint on Neill Blumkampp's subsequent film, Chappie. To date I have roto'ed some notable actors such as Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Don Cheadle, Eva Green, Robert Downey, Jr. and of course, Sharlto Copely.
Many sincere thanks to those who have taught and encouraged me along the way. I still play my guitar.

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